The Advent Season is here

The Advent Conspiracy is a movement that we connected with last year during this time and we are doing so again this year. Check out the link to learn more about them.

This year it will be a bit different for us as we highlight four different missionaries that North Church is connected with. Each week during Advent we will see a different missionary present who they are and what God has called them to and tell us how we can connect with them.

Here are the four missionaries that we will connect with::

Ryan and Jamie Wagner with Campus Crusade for Christ (November 28)- Ryan and Jamie will be moving from St. Louis to Boulder Colorado sometime this winter to take the gospel to the campus of the University of Colorado. Ryan and Jamie are still raising support and looking for partners for their ministry. You will be given a chance to partner with them.

Vernon and Amber Burger with His Voice for Sudan (December 5)- His Voice’s mission is “empowering orphans, widows an church leaders to make disciples of all nations. His Voice reaches out and supports local indigenous churches in The Sudan. There is an epidemic of orphans in the Sudan, so the practical way they are doing this is building, staffing, and equipping orphanages in The Sudan. You can also purchase this song on iTunes and every dime goes to build orphanages in The Sudan.

Dave and Kelly missionaries to Southeast Asia (December 12)- We have been praying with and for Dave and Kelly for more than two years as they take the gospel to this highly populated and gospel suppressing country.

Randy an Hannah Riggs with World Impact (December 19)- Randy and Hannah have are missionaries to the inner city of St. Louis. They help to run ministry center on North Grand in North St. Louis City. Poverty, gangs, drugs, absent parents, and gun fire are all dealt with daily. But God has called them into the culture and has allowed them to see fruit and they have begun to raise up leaders within the culture for the sake of the gospel.

We will be giving you opportunities to connect with time, money, prayer, and other ways to partner with each of these missionaries during the Advent season. Take time to pray for them today and consider how you might partner with them this Advent season.

About the Author
I am the original planter of NC and currently serve as co-lead pastor/elder. I lead primarily in the areas of preaching, vision casting, oversight of discipleship and shepherding. I would describe NC as a family that seeks God together and tries to apply the gospel to life while living up close with one another. I am married to my beautiful wife Jen and we have four amazing kids.