Our mission is to know and love truth, people and God.

We want to be simple in our mission and therefore our mission statement is simple. We gather as a group of believers for the express purpose of knowing and loving truth, people and God. We measure and define our success as a church on this statement. Are we and the people that call North Church home, moving toward greater knowledge and love of truth, people and God?


There is much that can be said and written about how this mission works itself out in practice, but our intent is to be simple. How we program, preach, serve and interact is all pulling toward this goal…to know and love truth, people and God.




Values are vital. Awareness of values is probably even more vital. Without conversation and continual course correction and recalibration, our values will drift toward self or other things that are less than.

We do what we value. We spend on what we value. We have finite resources of time, money and energy. What we value predicts how we will spend those finite resources. At North Church we want to articulate our values clearly and consistently. This is our attempt to do just that.

“Your core values are a reflection of what you will suffer for.” (Floyd McClung)

Truth, People and God are the values of North Church. These are things that, above all else, have high value attached to them. Everything that we do will reflect the fact that we place high value in TruthPeople and God.



We value truth in two respects– being truthful or real with each other. That is to say, not afraid to show our flaws and live life being real and up close. We have blind spots. When we live in relationships with people who love us, we are more self aware. We offer invitation to people that we love and love us, asking them to speak into our blind spots. To value truth is to spend our time, money and energy being real.

We have one enemy and his name is Satan; his only real weapon is to get us to believe something that his not true. Scripture calls him the deceiver. His methods are to get you to believe something about yourself, someone else or God that is not true. In order to combat this real and present enemy we must value and pursue and spend our resources on truth.

The second respect is the truth about who God is. We pursue the truth about God with great vigor. The end result is that we place a high value on being true in life and seeking to know and understand the truth about God.

The Greek word that is translated most frequently as truth is Aletheia. This word means that which is true in matter of consideration. Picture a large lake with a buoy and a dock. Imagine a boat that speeds by. That boat creates a series of waves that ripple toward the shore. The buoy is affected by those waves. It bounces up and down and in all directions. The dock is not affected by those waves. In fact, it affects the waves. Its foundation is driven deep into the floor of the lake and secured with concrete. This is the picture of Aletheia. Jesus calls himself THE Aletheia John 14:6. Paul says that there is nothing greater in this world than to know Jesus.



We value people in two groups: Those who have relationships with God and those who do not. Every person that you and I know is loved by God. Jesus died for them. From those who make you angry or sad to the closest of friends, Christ died for people. North Church will value people. Every human being has a beating heart and a story that makes them who they are. They all say stupid things and do stupid things and hurt people. But at the end of the day, they have a soul that will be with God forever or apart from Him forever. North Church will value people.

In John 4, Jesus has an encounter with “the woman at the well”. This woman has many strikes against her. She is a woman, so Jesus is not culturally allowed to speak with her. She is Samaritan, they are mixed race people who Jews are not allowed to speak to. She has had multiple failed marriages and is currently living with a man that she is not married to. All of these things are facts that might have caused us to look the other way and not engage this woman. But Jesus engaged her. He valued her. He spoke plainly to her and the Bible says that she believed in Jesus. This story is a perfect example of valuing people and what we strive for at North Church.



We will value God. When God is valued, each moment is seized as an opportunity to know God. When God is valued, worship happens in line at the grocery store, in a church, as you get your kids ready for school or at 1:30 in the morning when you cannot sleep. When God is valued, events and circumstances pale in light of His surpassing value. Great things are greater and terrible things are not as terrible. When God is valued, life tastes better.

This is the last and the most important value at North Church. It is very simple. We seek to value God. We seek to value God today more than we did yesterday. The more we value God the more we want to value him. We were created to be in relationship with God. When we engage God and know him, our souls are satisfied. When we disengage and run from God we are left dry and without purpose.

The values of Truth and People rely upon and lean on this value. We value people because we value God. We value truth because we value God. Everything that we are and everything that we do finds its foundation in knowing and valuing God. There is nothing greater that we do than to lead people to value God.