These are the things that we believe God is calling us to be in North County. We believe that if the church is true to these vision statements, our world is a better place. We believe that the church is God’s created vehicle to proclaim his redemptive plan to the world and living out these statements will serve to accomplish that plan.

1. A gospel-centered church.

A gospel-centered church seeks to live all aspects of life bent around the gospel. All of us are more sinful than we ever knew and more loved and accepted than we ever hoped. This affects every relationship and every aspect of our lives.

2. A church that draws attention to God.

We are called to bring glory to God. Bringing glory to God is a Biblical phrase that simply means to draw attention to God. We will seek to draw attention to God with the way that live in and around our community in every way.


3. A disciple-making church.

Disciple making was a priority for Jesus. Disciple making will be a priority for North Church. Disciple making is the process of investing in people and making them aware of the beauty and fullness of life that comes from intimate communion with Jesus and sending them to do the same.

4. A church-planting church.

Reproduction is a foundational concept in the Bible. Believers in Christ are called to reproduce themselves in others. Likewise, every church is called to the same things. The greatest evangelistic tool today is the planting of gospel-centered churches in communities that aren’t being reached with the gospel. We will invest our time, energy and resources into church planters and church planting.

5. A church that crosses racial, social & economic lines.

We believe this is what Jesus did and therefore is what we are called to do. Jesus held no preference or prejudice. He loved any and all people he came into contact with. In fact he spent most of his time reaching out to those who were unlike him, whom the world neglected.


6. A church that is valuable to the Christian and non-Christian community.

From the member of a long established church, to an atheist, to a person disinterested in the spiritual life…we seek to be a value to our community.

7. A church that values intimate relationships.

God intended for us to live in community with Him and with each other. We will live life close up with each other. We will challenge, encourage, love, hurt and celebrate with each other.

8. A church that places a high emphasis on prayer.

God’s salvation is the entrance into relationship with our Creator. He calls us to live our lives absolutely dependent on him for all things. The call to “pray without ceasing” is a call to everyday relational intimacy with Jesus. As a church and as people, nothing we ever accomplish will be of any value apart from God’s involvement in it; better yet, God’s doing of it.

9. A church that trains men to be godly men, godly husbands and godly fathers.

The men of North Church will be challenged to rise to the calling of manhood within the home and within the church. We will not abdicate our calls to serve in these capacities. As husbands, we will love our wives well and lay down our lives for them, applying the call of Ephesians 5 by loving our wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her. Our desires are secondary to our wives. This is our greatest calling. As fathers, we will selflessly parent our children and train them to be gospel-centered and Christ focused. We will do this in our homes and in the church. As single men, we will be sharpened as men of God. While God may call a man to life of singleness, marriage is a noble pursuit so long as it is not idolatry. Biblical manhood is noble as well and is a call to serve, to protect, to honor and to take responsibility. Men will sharpen one another in these ways and our children’s and women’s ministry will grow and be affected by the strength of this vision.